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Aero is on a mission. We want to show the Australian public that first aid is nothing to be afraid of.

Learning about first aid can be fun! And knowing it saves lives.

Explore this site to watch tutorials and read up on handy tips and tricks so together, we can be Aeros.

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First Aid Training

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We are on a mission to provide Australians with the supplies and knowledge they need to be an Aero when faced with a first aid situation, and we need your help.

Aero Healthcare can supply your pharmacy with the very best first aid products on the international market. We believe every Australian family should have access to these high-quality products so they are always prepared in the case of a first aid situation. Your pharmacy is where it all begins.

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Wound Care

With our wound care range, you’ll always be ready to be an Aero. These tutorials will show you how to treat a range of injuries from small scratches, to burns to snake bites and more. Here are some videos that will show you how to use our wound care range.

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Male child wiping his lower eyelid with finger

How to relieve an irritated eye

Let’s face it, an itchy or sore eye is enough to drive anyone crazy. It’s even more frustrating when your steps to alleviating eye discomfort only results in further irritation. If you’re experiencing eye discomfort, it’s important that you take the right steps to treat it properly. What causes eye irritation and soreness? Common external...
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Female in sport clothing assisting another female experiencing difficulty breathing

What to do if someone you know passes out

Fainting, otherwise referred to as syncope, is the sudden and temporary loss of consciousness – which usually occurs due to low blood pressure (hypotension) or a lack of oxygen reaching the brain. While fainting isn’t usually serious, it can sometimes indicate an underlying medical issue. If someone you know or close by passes out or...
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How to use a defibrillator in an emergency

When Greg Page from The Wiggles collapsed at a bushfire charity concert at the start of 2020, there was a frantic rush from those around him on-stage to get help. It wasn’t until an off-duty nurse by the name of Grace Jones stepped in with a defibrillator that the yellow Wiggle’s life was saved.Each year,...
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